Miniature Zebu Cattle
Our Herd Sires
Heikens Ark Beau   Z-4277
DOB 8-15-06    34" tall
Sire: BOP Matombo  Z-2703
Dam: Heikens Ark Bambi  Z-2125
R.I.P. my old friend. You set the bar of standard for miniature zebu cattle.
Vollmer Mini Cattle
Vollmer Mini Cattle
Vollmer Mini Cattle
Here on the Vollmer Ranch we raise Miniature Zebu Cattle and Tenneessee Fainting Goats
Miniature Zebu Cattle can best be described as exotic.  Nothing definite is known as to the ancestry or original habitat of Zebu cattle.  However, Zebu cattle are one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world, dating back to 6000 B.C.!  To be classified as a Miniature Zebu, their height can not exceed 42", but most breeders strive to produce cattle in the 34" to 38" range.  Miniature Zebu cows will weigh 300-400 pounds with Miniature Zebu bulls ranging from 400-600 pounds.  Miniature Zebu colors will range from black, red, spotted or steel gray to almost pure white.  In Miniature Zebu bulls, the neck, shoulders and hump may be nearly black.  Gray is the most common color.  Miniature Zebu Cattle differ from small or dwarf cattle in that they are a natural breed.  Miniature Zebu Cattle are just breed to be tinier and are not just the results of a breeding gone bad.  Miniature Zebu Cattle are much easier on the land, fencing, and equipment and are considerably safer for children to be around.  For more information on Miniature Zebu Cattle visit the International Miniature Zebu Association web site at
The Miniature Zebu program here on the Vollmer Ranch, did not just happen, it was planned.  We purchased the majority of our breeding stock from Dennis Beranek of Rolling Prairie Farms (DAB) of Milan, Illinois.  To that we added stock from the Lazy 5 Ranch of Piedmont, North Carolina, stock from RGB Exotics ran by Bob Balensiefen of Princeton, IL and a bull from Dick and Kathy Heiken of Heikens Ark in Des Moines, Iowa. Now the herd is taking shape. We started with top quality stock, threw in some great colored cows and good fortune has given us superb size and color that you just can't find anywhere.
Phillip Vollmer, 14856 139th Place, Piedmont, South Dakota 57769  1-605-787-6235
PJV Gambler   Z-5749
DOB 8-19-11   37" tall
Sire: LLL Bobs Twister  Z-4935
Dam: LLL Baby Twist  Z-4518
ANB Lil Diesel   T-6702
DOB 3-24-15
Sire: HVR Lil Harley  Z-6001
Dam: HVR Sassy B  Z-6002
PJV Red Berin   T-6904
DOB 4-28-15
Sire: Heikens Ark Beau  Z-4277
Dam: DAB Jamie  Z-3416
FOR SALE $1500
PJV Edgar   T-6905
DOB 4-29-15
Sire: PJV Gambler  Z-5749
Dam: PJV Elk Creek Phoebe  Z-5355
PRR Miracle Twister   Z-6980
DOB 7-24-14   33" tall
Sire: LLL Bobs Twister  Z-4935
Dam: PRR Jaley Jo  Z-5818